Velvet Etching Cream

Does anyone know anything about the Velvet Etching Cream other then all the warnings on the label? I bought a jar the other day and LOVE IT! Works so much better then the craft version. Seems that it is a nicer more even etch then the "armor etch" but I still do not know how long to leave it on the beads or other glass items. Seems that 15 min is plenty of time but there were no directions on its use and so forth on the bottle. Anyone here have any experience with this stuff and all the things you have done with it? So far I really like it much better then the craft store armor etch.
Also if you have any pictures of what you did with it I would love to see them... very visual here! :D

* Hi Ruth,
I have not etched beads before, but am wondering where you found the etching cream. I've tried the crafts stores, but all they have is the "fake" etching solutions. Can you give me a pointer -- web? Hardware store? Glass store?

* Count me in for wanting the 411 on where to find this mystical Etching Cream stuff!
-Paul (The Newbie)

* If you do a search using the words Velvet Etching Cream, a bunch of sites selling it come up. If you want a different brand, try a search using the name of the product.
-Kay :wave:

* I've never seen it. Sounds interesting!
What is 'fake' etching cream?
I use the garden variety Dip 'n Etch -- takes 5-30 seconds to get a matte finish. Shorter for opaques, longer for transparents.
It does take longer for deep etching -- left a dark ivory piece in for about five minutes and it started getting a bit three-dimensional. How deep was the etching after 30 minutes?

* Here are some WC sponsor sources for regular etching solution & cremes:
I don't see anyone I recognize on the google search, except WC on the second page!!!

* Ahh, the old Google Search! After my clueless post, I tried this, and now know (recall?) that the etching cream can be found at stained glass supply houses. Now I remember seeing this at my local glass vendor's shop, of all places. :)
"Fake" etching cream is what I call the stuff at the crafts store that you paint on the glass and it just looks like it's etched, but it's just more like paint. Not an acid, I guess.

* Sorry I did not get on much yesterday to see this posted to. I found my Velvet Etch on ebay. Never knew it existed prior to finding it there. Sure would like to know what the "normal" time to etch with this brand is. Seems wach one is different. Of course one gets all the standard venting and skin contact warnings on the bottle. Many places will not sell this brand to those others then the "pro" trade. Guess they feel that way to many people will not use it properly. :eek: But I know ALL you guys are careful.... RIGHT???? :D

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