etching dichro with sharpee resist?

I have been browsing this board for a couple of years now, but just joined this week. It is an amazing resource.
I was reading about people who have used Sharpee markers as a resist, then etched with Armour etch on dichro. I have a few questions. After I have etched: Do I need to wash the etching stuff off? Do I need to scrub the shapee off? Do I need to prefire before capping with clear?
Thanks for any help.

* Okay, here's the scoop. This only works with some dichro, namely, dichro magic. It won't work when the coating is too thick. This also works with some, not all, irrid glass. It won't work with BE.
You draw whatever you want on the dichro. This is going to be the part that STAYS dichroic. You put a little bit of the etching cream (using gloves, be safe) on the piece, following the directions on the etching cream.
You rinse it off (following the directions). Then do whatever else you wanted to do anyway - cap, no cap, doesn't matter. Make sure you rinse ALL the cream off. If the sharpie doesn't all come off, it doesn't matter.
have fun.

* It works great on float, but the difference between success and disaster is only a matter of seconds. I wouldn't risk it with an expensive piece of glass. Try it on some scrap float, then when you feel confident enough... Skip using it on dichro, and go with a traditional resist

* I etch dichro in all kinds of ways...and the sharpie resist is the easiest. It does not only work with dichromagic (actually...I hate dichromagic, it tends to get pointy sharp edges). Anyway...armoretch is not the best etching cream to use. I use Arrows Springs bead etching cream wich contains hydrofloric acid. It will etch ANY dichroic glass. Hydrofloric acid , however, is highly toxic so be sure to wear gloves.

* Has anyone tried this with CBS dichro and etchall?

* Yep ... I use CBS and etchall ... the sharpie doesn't always hold up perfectly (some of the markers are better than others as well) and that depends on which dichro finish you are using. I always do a test first ... Try it out on a scrap to see what happens.

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