vertical bottle cutting?

Hello people
i would like to cut a bottle in vertical not in orizzontal....
can anybody explein how do?
mike from italy

* How about a tile saw? The saw would have to have a large enough blade and enough clearance to fit the bottle.
A slower method would be to cover the entire bottle with sandblast resist, leaving just a narrow open line where you want to cut it, and just blast through the glass. I've cut the necks off wine bottles this way, so I assume it would work for what you want to do.

* Set the blade high, cut one side, turn the bottle and finish.

* Thanks, Marty, I wanted to say that, too. I've done it cutting flowerpots to make barrette molds (thanks, whoever posted that suggestion), but couldn't find the right words to describe the action!

* hello friends
do you think is it possible cut it with revolution saw?

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