cheese spreader?

Has anyone seen cheese spreader blanks with handles similar to bottle stoppers that may be embellished with our own glass beads?
Thanks in advance,
Free Spirit Pottery & Designs

* The only place I have seen them is at Kitchen supply stores.
If there is a better place, I sure would love to know as well.

* At one time I did some internet searching and did find them. I do not remember the source but I think I searched google using "knife blank".
If you only need a few check out your dollar store. You can sometimes find them with resin figures glued to the top. Break off the resin and use fiber paper to create a channel in the glass. Fuse then glue the handle nub into the channel.

* If you want the knife blanks that you would epoxy your glass try here...
If you want something that you can put beads through then I think pier one has some canepe knives but I'm not sure.

* Aftosa has cheese slicers (like a short pie cutter with a slicing slot in the blade) which are similar to the knives shown at the woodturners site (thanks for that info, Chrisann!)
Resin cheese knives are available at a reaonable cost at . I hadn't thought of breaking them off, but now I know!
I bought some beautiful cheese knives at Marshall's, including some plain but elegant ones by Dansk. I spent $2 or less apiece (and no shipping costs!) I had planned to just use them plain, but now I may try putting handles on them

* Lynn,
I thought that was a great idea also so since I had one to spare... I tried to brake off the resin but the actual knife broke where the knife attaches to that round part that the resin is attached to...maybe soaking in acetone might loosen the part to pry it off better than breaking off. those things are put on to really stay on forever. wonder what glue they use!!!!!!

* Try pier one. They have some cheese spreaders with ugly glass on them. There is a mandrel that goes through with a small ball on top which unscrews. I use a hammer to break the glass off and then gentle pry the top screw loose. [/quote]

* check
i just got a pie serving blank there, so they might have spreaders.

* Checked out the woodturners blanks and I was wondering how you plan on attaching glass to the metal handle Linda

* Linda, I use a 2 part epoxy glue that semi sets in 5 min and all the way sets over night. Here is a link to a set I made in dec, they are lampworked moretti glass the handle is about 4-5" long and the stopper I got a little carried away with...that sucker could be a weapon LOLOL.

* Your cheese spreader is great. I guess my question is, how do you get the glass on both sides of the metal handle piece without having a gap? Thanks Linda

* Linda,
I make the handle on a hollow mandrel (steel rod) dipped in bead release. The mandrel is almost the width as the tang (the smaller piece that is on the end of the blade). After it is annealed I pull it off the rod, clean the release out, dry it really well then put 2 part epoxy on the tang and inside the hole centered and put the glass in a form glass side down and let it set up. I clean the hole with a diamond bit dremel so it is rough and the tang is already got grooves in it. I've never tried to do this fused but could think of a few ways to do it, it's just labor intensive, easier for me to lampwork them.

* Thanks for the additional information. Guess I will have to try to make one Linda

* I bought several blanks from Pier 1. I found that the ones that work the best are the ones that have mother of peal on them.
The glass ones are not easy to get off but the pearl, just slips off no problem. Once you have made your bead use an epoxy to keep them from rattling around on the mandrel.
Good luck make a few and show us what they look like.
Id show you mine but they are in NY in my sisters home...

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