'A Book For The Curious Painter'?

Glass Painter Kathy Jordon told me about this book by Gene Patterson. A Book For The Curious Painter So I bought it. I've clipped some fo Gene's articles from the web before...he's a wealth of practical knowledge and has somewhat of a mythbuster attitude. But I didn't know he had it all in a book. Well I received mine yesterday and its already straightened out some misconceptions for me. Its written for china painters, but much of it is directly applicable to glass painting.

* So how does it compare to the Elskus book in your estimation? Or contrast?

* Compared to Elskus:
Fewer illustrations, all B&W
Less technique more concept and chemistry
Doesn't discuss specific pigment brands like Reusche Stencil Black
Covers lusters, gold, raised paste, inglaze as well as overglaze painting
Quote after full page of overglaze flux discussion:
"The aim of this otherwise dull, chemistry lesson is to point out that one cannot always add a general purpose flux to any china paint color and expect it to perform properly. If the flux is a mismatch, the color may be changed, diluted, or the color may simply disappear"

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