UK supplier for Grits?

Does anybody know of a supplier in the UK for abbrasive grit to use for flatlap grinding? I am looking for 80 up to 600 and have had no luck in finding a contact.
Many thanks

* Send me a pm reminder and I will look out my supplier list.

* I'd be interested too Steve - my home made flat lap is approaching completion...

* DIY it baby!! To make REAL grits you'll need hominy. Start by soaking the corn in a strong baking soda solution for a coupla days, 2 tablespoons baking soda to 1 quart of water. The kernels will swell, and the husks will fall away. Rinse the hominy repeatedly and rub the kernels to remove any remaining husk. To make the grits(too simple) dry the hominy thoroughly, then grind in a coffee grinder to whatever consistency you prefer, cook with butter and garnish. I like my grits with cheese and bacon bits. As for the other grits, get a BFH and a pile of rocks and pound away, then sift the gravel thru the appropriate mesh to get the abrasive you require. The resulting grit will chip your teeth and impact your GI tract, but you'll get a great upper body workout.

* I'm glad somebody else said it!
Rebecca HB

* Breakfast was the 1st thing that popped into my head when I saw Linda's subject line. Anywho, on the subject of abrasives, does anybody have a mesh-to-micron-to-grit conversion table that isn't confusing. I tried googling it and I'm gonna have to serve my brain(scrambled) with those DIY grits.

* I'd already read the initial post once yesterday and when I looked at it again today, I thought breakfast grits again! And....I'm not even a southerner!
Flo the forgetful

* I'll give the recipe a go...the breakfast one that is!
Best wishes

* To expedite matters, Linda, you can boil the corn in the soda/water solution for 30 minutes to release the husks. I'm too lazy to stand at the stove and stir constantly, so I do it the slow way. I've made hominy grits with both horse corn and popcorn, with excellent results. To bring the thread back on track, I DIY my own compounds using paraffin wax with silicon carbide, or cerium oxide. I add the media to the melted wax and pour the compound into TP and paper towel insert tubes. The compounds work with either a felt or canton buff wheel.

* Why would you eat that stuff when you could have porridge, breakfast of champions. I mean, what other cereal needs salt.
Now, about those UK suppliers...

* We don't have any of those porrs that you make porridge out of. But we have plenty of corn. Corn is so versatile! You can eat it, you can drink it, you can use it to power your car.
Rebecca HB

* I used to eat cream of wheat when I was a kid. I tried it a coupla years ago, it was sooooooo nasty. Ditto Oatmeal, I like oatmeal cookies(w/o raisins), and I like how dried oats smell, but the cooked stuff tastes like unflavored dirt, and it looks like vomit... Hmmmmmm, I'm wondering if it would be possible to use progressively finer meshed grog to (dry)polish glass, maybe make a compound stick with grog and paraffin.

* Linda,
I'm finally getting back to you with a source of supply for grits:
Glasswork Services Ltd
Unit 11, Broomhouse Lane Industrial Estate
South Yorkshire DN12 1EQ
Tel: 01709 770801

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