Lime Away vs. CLR?

I saw an ad yesterday that said that Lime Away works better than CLR. Has anyone tried it for kiln wash removal? Does it work better?

* Limeaway does indeed work better than CLR.

* Lime-A-Way really softens kiln wash after a short soak. It however may cause a surface discoloration on some glass.

* Would it discolor BE black...or any BE cathedrals?

* Maybe red...not sure about any other colors.

* You all be careful with that awful stuff! I left it in a tub that I had used to store a bowl (by accident) and forgot about it for a few weeks.... when I went back into that room, all the exposed metal had rusted from the fumes. Gag. Nasty stuff. Wear a mask so your lungs don't rust.

* For sure, and also orange

* I use distilled white vinegar 9% acidity to remove kiln wash.

* I had a plastic container of lime-away that I covered with aluminum foil in between uses, and it actually dissolved the foil in a matter of days.
My method is to have one shallow container of lime-away, just deep enough to cover the glass, and a rinse container of water. Soaking for about half an hour in the lime-away, and then gently scrubbing with an old toothbrush in the rinse bath is pretty effective. And I haven't had any discoloration so far.

* Susan
How long do you need to soak in the vinegar to get results? Does this work on dichroic glass too?

* I use vinegar too on my dichro cabs... leave it in there for about an hour or so and the kiln wash usually just pops off.
karen t

* I've always had better luck with CLR although I have only tried Lime Away in the spray form which might be a different formula. I've also used pure (glacial) acetic acid which works great but not readily available, Never had any problem with discoloration although some glass will form a crystalline scum if it's left to soak for a long time. Especially anything that's had a devit overspray or Wasser - I wouldn't recommend it for projects that incorporate Wasser glass at all, it actually reacts with it in some manner.
Curt M.

* It depends how badly the kiln wash is stuck to the glass. If it is a mild case of kiln wash stick then 1/2 hr to 1 hr does the job. If I have fired to high temp then I just soak over night. I use on dichroic, no problem.

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