Can I slump regular stained glass sheets?

I have lots of stain glass leftover from a class, just collecting dust. I'm interested in using them to drape over my new small floral form, just one sheet of thickness. No fusing would be done. Are there any potential problems to doing this?

* There are always "potential problems," but the general answer to your basic question is, YES, you can slump most stained glass.
You will have to do your own testing to determine the temperature required, and sheets may differ, even if from the same manufacturer. It might be lower than you use for Bullseye, or up in the range needed for float.

* Some glasses, yogie in particular, seem to decompose. It's worth a try. Brock

* thanks, I I'll give it a try!

* I've done work with a number of "non-fusing" glasses. If you let me know what ones you are using, I can tell you about temps for the ones I know.

* To tell you the truth, I don't know. They have been sitting for about 3 years. I will be going forward blindly, courageously, and hopeful!

* Barbara
The problem that will mess you up, if you encounter it, is devitrification. Commonly known as scum. Glasses like Wissmach tend to devit when fired to the right temp for floral forming. There is really no mitigation as the solutions for devit all need more temperature than you need to floral form.
Try it. You might have success. If you don't, stick to glass that is formulated with kiln work in mind.
BTW the best place to purchase the "floral former" is a restaurant supply store. I paid $3 and change for mine a few years ago. It is called a "martini shaker" and is 100% identical to the one I paid $18 for called a "floral former" Boy was I pissed when I realized that I already owned this. and paid 6 times as much.

* In addition to devitrification and decomposing sheet glass, you can also get striking. Which is color change.
Experiment.... you'll find some glass projects will turn out beautifully and other pieces will end up in your X bin (this is the reference area for good lesson projects).

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