Kewel graphic freeware has loads of potental for warm glass?

Several years ago I had sketched Celtic knots for T-shirt art. Being very rusty at this I decided to browse the web for Celtic knot sites, specifically looking for sites that explained the mathematics behind Celtic knot theory. Most of the websites I found didn't quite fit the bill, but I did come across this little gem...
...Click the pic to go to the download site. The software wasn't designed to plot Celtic knots, but there are plethora of ideas that immediately come to mind regarding warm glass. One word of caution: This software is HIGHLY addictive. I've spent most of the morning tying knots

* Thanks for the link. It is addictive. I had to decide not to put any learning time into it until things slow down a bit. I think it'll be a great addition to the design tool chest. My guess is that slow processors will not be happy with it, so beware if your PC is more than a few years old.

* for the mathematics on celtic art check out a book called "celtic art-methods of construction" by george bain. its got a fair amount of detail in there...or get a good magnifying glass and have a real close look at the book of kells.I also used to make a lot of celtic t-shirts

* Thanks for the heads up on the book recommendation, I'll look that one up on Amazon. I have some high res tiff images from the Book of Kells on a spare hard drive. I also wanna try something biomechanical(a la H.R. Giger), maybe even a tribute piece to Salvador Dali. I also like Peter Max... Whoa, I'm strayin' waaaaaaaaaay OT

* The Bain book is the best I've seen. I've seen and purchased quite a few of them.

* I've seen and purchased quite a few books on knotwork, not quite a few Bain books.

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