Silver stain test for tin side of float glass?

I have just tried my first silver stain test for showing the tin side of float glass and would appreciate confirmation of my results. I used Reusche yellow #3-1384, fired to 1148 deg F and after cooling and cleaning showed the results in the attached photos. To me the right hand of each pair is the darker therefore the tin side but when placed on a dark background a distinct misty halo is seen on all right hand pieces, this halo seems a more obvious indication of the different sides. Your opinion would be very welcome.

* I think you are right. A test with a short wave UV light would confirm this. Tin is an oxide that turns other colors brownish, when it joins in the reaction. It doesn't react with all colors though. Ken Leap has done a lot of silver stain testing. I would see what he has to say about it. It has been a while since I messed around with silver stain on float. I once made my own. That was fun.

* I think you are right too. I do the same test with a red stain because I don't have a UV light. Yet. But I'm working with float on my current stained glass piece and I'm near the point where I've talked myself into needing the UV light.
Ken's book is great:
The price may seem high for a short book, but it has really practical information from Ken's tests that simply aren't published elsewhere.

* Rhona,
Do you always fire your stain at 620C?
I fire mine at 580C and get good results, even on float. Higher gives me the metallic bluing.

* Thanks Bert, Don and Steve for your helpfull response. I have just previewed Ken Leap's book and there is a lot of usefull comparisons of stains on various glass and different uses, will have to talk to Santa on this one. Steve I am old enough to have been used to the farenheit scale and do find it superior to centigrade so I'm with American on this one. But I will try your lower temperature when testing for tin side, thank you.

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