Optically Clear glass?

Anyone know where to obtain optically clear glass? I am looking for something 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch in thickness. Almost like float but no tent. I know PPG makes Starphire but, have found no good source. Not sure if anyone else makes it or not. I see it all the time as dividers in resteraunts. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.....

* Glass Wholesalers in Houston carries it.

* What you're seeing in restaurants is probably Starphire. If you call PPG they will tell you who their local distributors are.
It is also possible that what your seeing in restaurants is normal old float with moody lighting. You can minimize the green cast with a colored light. Flourescents make it worse.

* FYI- was just reading in Dec. issue of Glass Magazine about 'low-iron glass' by Guardian Industries Corp. "...introducing UltraWhite low-iron glass, a clear, high visible-light transmission glass.... UltraWhite's colorless appearance makes it applicable in a variety of commercial and residential applications....."

Might be worth asking for a sample.
Another 'clear' glass goes by the name of 'Diamante'. Call your local wholesaler and see if they carry it.
Hope this helps.

* Another option in low-iron float is a product called optiwhite. I buy from Howard Glass in Worcester, MA. 508-753-8146 Talk to Jason. I think it's a little better than Starphire for clarity. It's available in 2,3,4,5,6,8,&10mm thick.



* Thanks for all the input. I will check on these leads! Happy Glassing.

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