blunt tubes

could someone tell me the sizes of tubing needed to make those blunt tube things and also where to get the rubber grommets to hold them together, I think the inside one was 9.5,.?.?
* 12 mil standard ? ace hardware for grommets .
* blunt tube? a glass mouth piece for a blunt?
* 11mm X 1.5mm Simax Clear Tubing
15mm X 1.8mm Simax Clear Tubing
* oh yeah, and use some 3/4" heat shrink tubing, about a 1 1/4" length on the joint for a seal. Make sure its NOT the adhesive lined stuff.
* again...blunt tubes??
* smokeless cigarettes , check the head shop . tube slides in other tube , you pack larger tube and slide the inner up as the top burns out , short version .
* commonly called glass blunt or a slider sometimes
* From a google search, what I could find was this:
Hotlinked from
Apparently, it's a glass tube with another flared glass tube inside it to act as a plunger, connected with some shrink tubing. The plunger/mouthpiece part is pulled back until the desired amount of room is available, then the big tube is filled with "tobacco" and lit. As it burns, the plunger is pushed forward to ash the blunt and keep the "tobacco" cherried. I've never tried one, but from what I've read, they are reported to smoke similar to real blunts or handrolled "cigarettes", but they hold a very large amount - 2 grams of "tobacco" or more... great for parties!
As with any glass for smoking, its important to keep them clean.
* thats pretty crazy...weird that ive never heard of these...ive proly seen them at the smoke shops but proly thought they were a crack pipe lol..
* Who buy'z these blunt pipes? I know if I showed up with one of these in the hood, the brothers would laugh at me. However the one dude who bought a unicorn pipe might be interested...........
* Well we give our customers a little better value 10mm & 16mm, use a rubber grommet not heat shrink.
* this is what i thought the op was asking about. i heard about them a few weeks ago.
i think theyre like a glass crutch with a flat mouth piece.
* thanks ! yeah they are pretty ugly, and crackish, I saw a dude at roo unlodaing them last year, I have had some requests for them, don't know if there're worth messin with.
* my shop buys them and they are a easy 15 $..
* I make glass mouthpieces for blunts, theyre like chillums but shorter and I don't close the reduction as small as I would on a regular chillum. I do a reduction to about the diameter of a blunt mouthpiece in a 3 or 4 inch long section of 12mm tube.
* hey, coupple more qs, how long do you gennerally make them, and 15 dollars wholesale?!
* Yeah yeah, glass blunts!! I've had people ask me to make em one, well couple friends. I just tell em to roll it! Plus seems like you'd have to clean it after everytime you use it.
* Outer tube 3", wholesale from the distributors are around $10.00....... I make these (out of hvy tubing and full color mouthpiece) and only retail them for $24.95.
* hmmmm....i was selling them at roo last year.

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